99 and proportion of true paternity of the pedigree of 0 80) Mul

99 and proportion of true paternity of the pedigree of 0.80). Multi-marker methods were also developed for detection of paternity misidentification. Probabilities of detection of wrong paternity for a contaminating sire not sharing any alleles with the sire in the pedigree were 0.95 and 0.99 when using 5 and 10 markers in 30 half-sib offspring, respectively. The methods to infer the sire genotypes were tested with 49 progeny of a Merino ram whose genotype was inferred for 7 microsatellites. Methods to infer genotype of the sire are feasible, but QTL mapping experiments without DNA from the sires are more costly due

to the need of genotyping markers in progeny for which the sire in the pedigree is homozygous.”
“Semantic association,

an essential element of human language, Geneticin Microbiology inhibitor enables discourse and inference. Neuroimaging studies have revealed localization and lateralization of semantic circuitry, making substantial contributions to cognitive neuroscience. However, because of methodological limitations, these investigations have only identified individual functional components rather than capturing the behavior of GSK3326595 solubility dmso the entire network. To overcome these limitations, we have implemented group independent component analysis (ICA) to investigate the cognitive modules used by healthy adults performing the fMRI semantic decision task. When compared with the results of a standard GS-1101 in vivo general linear modeling (GLM) analysis, ICA detected several additional brain regions subserving semantic decision. Eight task-related group ICA maps were identified, including left inferior frontal gyrus (BA44/45), middle posterior temporal gyros (BA39/22), angular

gyrus/inferior parietal lobule (BA39/40), posterior cingulate (BA30), bilateral lingual gyrus (BA18/23), inferior frontal gyrus (L>R, BA47), hippocampus with parahippocampal gyrus (L>R. BA35/36), and anterior cingulate (BA32/24). Although most of the components were represented bilaterally, we found a single, highly left-lateralized component that included the inferior frontal gyrus and the medial and superior temporal gyri, the angular and supramarginal gyri, and the inferior parietal cortex. The presence of these spatially independent ICA components implies functional connectivity and can be equated with their modularity. These results are analyzed and presented in the framework of a biologically plausible theoretical model in preparation for similar analyses in patients with right- or left-hemispheric epilepsies. (C) 2010 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Parametric interaction of the acoustic waves generated by probe l

Parametric interaction of the acoustic waves generated by probe laser radiation harmonically modulated in intensity at high frequency omega(H) with this strongly nonsinusoidal motion excites multiple side-lobes around omega(H). The theory indicates that information on the crack rigidity could be obtained from the measurements of photoacoustic conversion efficiency and that

the information Selleckchem DAPT on the parameters of force/width relation of the crack can be obtained from the measurements of the dependence of the side-lobes spectrum on the pump laser intensity. (C) 2010 American Institute of Physics. [doi:10.1063/1.3431533]“
“Objective. The objective of this randomized controlled trial was to compare the effects of different suturing techniques (simple loop suture vs. anchor suture) on the periodontal health of the adjacent second molars after impacted mandibular third molar extraction.

Study design. Fifteen patients with bilaterally identical impacted mandibular third molars were used. Using split-mouth design, flaps were closed with either anchor suture technique or simple loop suture technique after the extraction of third molars. Postoperative

examination included probing pocket depth (PPD) and clinical attachment level (CAL) measured GDC-973 at the distal surface of the second molars before surgery and 6 months after surgery.

Results. The PPD and CAL in the distal surfaces of the second molars

were significantly higher after 6 months in the simple suture group (P = .001), whereas no differences were found in the BAY 73-4506 clinical trial anchor suture group (P > .05). Intergroup comparisons showed that the 6-month PPD and CAL values of the distal surfaces were significantly higher in the simple suture group compared with the anchor suture group (P = .015).

Conclusion. The results suggest that anchor suture might be a better technique to use to maintain healthy periodontium and to prevent periodontal problems after the extraction of impacted third molars. (Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Pathol Oral Radiol Endod 2009; 108: 156-161)”
“The aim of this study was to analyze the association between the status of estrogen receptor (ER), progesterone receptor (PR), and human epidermal growth factor receptor-2 (HER2) in breast cancer with neoadjuvant therapy by using tissue biopsy and surgical specimens.

This study included 78 patients with breast cancer, who presented to our hospital between June 1999 and June 2011, and were treated with neoadjuvant therapy and subsequent mastectomy or partial mastectomy. All clinicopathological data regarding pre-neoadjuvant biopsy and definitive surgical specimens were reviewed for accuracy. The status of ER, PR, and HER2 was determined by immunohistochemistry.

Paired samples from 78 women (mean age 51.4 +/- A 11.7 years) were successfully analyzed.

Summary of Background Data No prior study has directly compared

Summary of Background Data. No prior study has directly compared unit and custom-bent rods for CP.

Methods. We retrospectively analyzed the clinical and radiographic data

of 157 children with CP who underwent posterior spinal fusion. Of those 157, we treated 79 with unit rods and 78 with custom-bent rods. Minimum follow-up was 2 years.

Results. Intraoperatively, unit rod surgeries were associated with significantly shorter mean surgical time (339 and 379 minutes, respectively; P = 0.04), longer mean intensive care unit stay (4 vs. 3 days, respectively; P = 0.001), and longer mean hospital stay (14 vs. 13 days; P = 0.006) than custom-bent rod procedures. The mean estimated blood loss was higher for unit rods (2124 vs. 1885 mL, respectively), but not significantly so. After surgery, unit rod surgeries were associated with significantly more mean pelvic obliquity correction (74% vs. 22%, KPT-8602 in vivo respectively; P = 0.002), more mean clinically apparent implant prominence at 2-year follow-up (12 vs. 2 instances; P = 0.03; most were proximal), and a higher mean infection FK228 mouse rate (15% vs. 5%, respectively; P = 0.03). There were no significant differences in final major Cobb correction, curves with an apex above or below T10, implant-related reoperations, or neurologic complications. The only factor that was statistically correlated with the overall complication rate for both groups

was absolute curve magnitude (P = 0.04).


Compared with custom-bent rods, unit rods provided superior correction of pelvic obliquity but were associated with higher transfusion requirements, higher infection rates, more proximal fixation problems, and longer intensive care unit and hospital stays.”
“Background: Emergence delirium (ED) frequently occurs in young Fosbretabulin children awakening from general anesthesia (GA). To date, research is limited by scales that are unable to discriminate the condition from other forms of agitation.

Aim: The primary aim of this study was to determine the core behaviors of ED that discriminate the condition from pain and tantrum in young children and to cluster these behaviors according to the DSM-IV/V core diagnostic criteria and associated behaviors of delirium.

Method: Children aged 18 months to 6 years (n = 198) were observed upon awakening from GA following surgical or nonsurgical procedures to determine which behaviors categorize ED. Behaviors were recorded via a structured behavioral observation. Clinical opinion was sought to determine whether the child presented ED, pain, or tantrum.

Results: A chi-square analysis revealed children with ED were significantly more likely to display activity, nonpurposefulness, eyes averted, stared or closed, no language, and nonresponsivity. These behaviors were not significantly associated with pain or tantrum.

This work reports the validation results of the experiment accomp

This work reports the validation results of the experiment accomplished through the use of materials with thermoelectric properties widely accepted by the thermoelectric community, Pt and W. Further validation of the data was accomplished by comparing the resistivity results to standard collinear four-probe resistivity measurements. Spectroscopic results for resistivity at 300 K resulted in 5.3% and 2.5% agreement with four-probe resistivity measurements for Pt and W, respectively. The Seebeck coefficient measurements at 300 K showed agreement with published values within 3.8% and 7.5% for NU7441 manufacturer Pt and W, respectively.

The electronic thermal conductivity measured 66% and 75% of the total thermal conductivity for Pt and W, respectively, at 300 K. (C) 2011 American Institute of Physics. [doi: 10.1063/1.3553642]“
“A new lacquer that blends R. vernicifera (Chinese lacquer, urushiol) Salubrinal price with Melanorrhea usitata (Thai lacquer, thitsiol)

was prepared. The main properties, viscosities, drying times, drying mechanism, and the nature of the lacquer films as a coating material, were examined. In addition, the mechanism of transfer radical reaction that occurred between urushiol and thitsiol is discussed based on the results of two-dimensional nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and field desorption mass spectrometry (FD-MS) measurements. A blended lacquer LEE011 in vivo with 70% R. vernicifera and 30% M. usitata showed

almost the same drying time as 100% R. vernicifera as examined in an automatic drying time recorder but had higher surface smoothness and gloss. Furthermore, the molecular weight distribution, UV resistance, and glass transition temperature (T(g)) also were investigated in detail. (C) 2011 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. J Appl Polym Sci 121: 2734-2742, 2011″
“The objective of the present study is to observe protective effects of Cordyceps sinensis extract on extracellular matrix (ECM) accumulation and explore its therapeutic mechanism. The glomerular sclerosis model was established by unilateral nephrectomy and injecting adriamycin. Then urinary protein, BUN and Scr levels were measured. Renal pathological changes were observed by light microscopy. Immunohistochemistry technique was used to examine expressions of CTGF, FN, Col-IV, PAI-1, and MMP-2. Compared with model group, the urinary protein level in C. sinensis extract group was markedly decreased. BUN and Scr levels in C. sinensis extract group were much lower than model group, and also lower than Fosinopril sodium group. C. sinensis extract produced obviously therapeutic effects on glomerular sclerosis. Immunohistochemical results presented that expressions of CTGF, FN and Col-IV in C. sinensis extract and Fosinopril groups were less than model group. The expression of PAI-1 in C.

No significant differences were noted between the groups regardin

No significant differences were noted between the groups regarding

the rates of cesarean deliveries (CD) (15.2% vs. 21.2%, p = 0.149) and perinatal outcomes such as low Apgar scores (< 7) at 1 and 5 min (4.5% vs. 6.7%, p = 0.292 and 1.2% vs. 0.6%, p = 0.372; respectively). Using two multiple logistic regression models, the positive association between FMS and IUGR (adjusted OR = 4.1, 95% CI 1.2-13.2; p = 0.02) and the negative association with PTD (OR = 0.3, 95% CI 0.2-0.6; p = 0.001) remained significant.

Conclusion. FMS is an independent risk factor for intrauterine growth restriction. Nevertheless, it is associated with lower rates of preterm deliveries.”
“Venous thromboembolism manifests as deep venous thrombosis (DVT) or pulmonary embolism, and has a mortality rate of 6 to 12 percent. Well-validated selleck clinical prediction rules are available to determine the pretest probability of DVT and pulmonary embolism. When the likelihood of DVT is low, a negative D-dimer assay result

excludes DVT. Likewise, a low pretest probability with learn more a negative D-dimer assay result excludes the diagnosis of pulmonary embolism. If the likelihood of DVT is intermediate to high, compression ultrasonography should be performed. Impedance plethysmography, contrast venography, and magnetic resonance venography are available to assess for DVT, but are not widely used. Pulmonary embolism is usually a consequence of DVT and is associated with greater mortality. Multidetector computed tomography angiography is the diagnostic test of choice when the technology is available and appropriate for the patient. It is warranted in patients who may have a pulmonary embolism

and a positive D-dimer assay result, or in patients who have a high pretest probability of pulmonary embolism, regardless of D-dimer assay result. Ventilation-perfusion scanning is an acceptable alternative to computed tomography angiography in select settings. Pulmonary angiography is needed only Vargatef when the clinical suspicion for pulmonary embolism remains high, even when less invasive study results are negative. In unstable emergent cases highly suspicious for pulmonary embolism, echocardiography may be used to evaluate for right ventricular dysfunction, which is indicative of but not diagnostic for pulmonary embolism. (Am Fam Physician. 2012;86(10):913-919. Copyright (C) 2012 American Academy of Family Physicians.)”
“Objective. To evaluate the potential oral origin of Fusobacterium nucleatum found in amniotic fluid of women at high risk of preterm birth.

Methods. A transversal study nested into a cohort study of women with preterm labor and/or preterm premature rupture of membranes was undergone. Women with the presence of F. nucleatum in the amniotic fluid and their respective partners were invited to be examined for their periodontal health after delivery, and samples of saliva and subgingival plaque were collected.

Multivariate analysis suggested that status of lymph node metasta

Multivariate analysis suggested that status of lymph node metastasis and depth of myometrial NU7441 inhibitor invasion, but not MMP9 expression level, were significantly correlated with patients’ survival.

Conclusion: MMP9 is highly expressed in ECs and correlates with the progression of ECs, but not be helpful in predicting the prognosis of EC patients.”
“Background: To study health-related quality of life (HRQOL) in a large sample of Australian chronically-ill patients and investigate the impact of characteristics of patients and their general practices on their HRQOL and to assess the construct validity of SF-12 in Australia.

Methods: Cross sectional study with 96 general practices and 7606 chronically-ill

patients aged 18 years or more using standard SF-12 version 2. Factor analysis was used to confirm the hypothesized component structure of the SF-12 items. SF-12 physical component score

(PCS-12) and mental component score (MCS-12) were derived using the standard US algorithm. Multilevel regression analysis (patients at level 1 and practices at level 2) was applied to relate PCS-12 and MCS-12 to patient and practice Salubrinal research buy characteristics.

Results: There were significant associations between lower PCS-12 or MCS-12 score and poorer general health (10.8 (regression coefficient) lower for PCS-12 and 7.3 lower for MCS-12), low socio-economic status (5.1 lower PCS-12 and 2.9 lower MCS-12 for unemployed, 0.8 lower PCS-12 and 1.7 lower MCS-12 for non-owner-occupiers, 1.0 lower PCS-12 for less well-educated) and having two or more chronic conditions (up to 2.7 lower PCS-12 and up to 1.5 lower MCS-12 than those having a single disease). Younger age was associated with lower MCS-12 (2.2 and 6.0 lower than middle age and older Selleck LEE011 age respectively) but higher PCS-12 (4.7 and 7.6 higher than middle age and older age respectively). Satisfaction with quality of care (regression coefficient = 1.2) and patients who were married or cohabiting

(regression coefficient = 0.6) was positively associated with MCS-12. Patients born in non-English-speaking countries were more likely to have a lower MCS-12 (1.5 lower) than those born in Australia. Employment had a stronger association with the quality of life of males than that of females. Those attending smaller practices had lower PCS-12 (1.0 lower) and MCS-12 (0.6 lower) than those attending larger practices. At the patient level (level 1) 42% and 21% of the variance respectively for PCS-12 and MCS-12 were explained by the patients and practice characteristics. At the practice level (level 2), 73% and 49% of the variance respectively for PCS-12 and MCS-12 were explained by patients and practice characteristics.

Conclusion: The strong association between patient characteristics such as socio-economic status, age, and ethnicity and SF-12 physical and mental component summary scores underlines the importance of considering these factors in the management of chronically-ill patients in general practice.

88, P < 0 0001), while an older age and preserved baseline LAE

88, P < 0.0001), while an older age and preserved baseline LAEF were independently associated with a deterioration of LA function (a decrease in LAEF of > 10%; OR = GS-9973 concentration 1.06, P = 0.03; and OR = 1.10, P = 0.0001).

Conclusions: AF ablation appears to have a beneficial effect on LA function in patients with impaired LA function at baseline. However, it may reduce LA function in patients with an older age and preserved

baseline LAEF. (PACE 2012; 35: 327-334)”
“An energetic condensation technique, cathodic arc discharge deposition, is used to grow epitaxial Niobium (Nb) thin films on a-plane sapphire (hexagonal-closed-packed Al2O3) at moderate substrate heating temperature (<400 degrees C). The epitaxial Nb(110)/Al2O3(1,1,-2,0) thin films reached a maximum residual resistance ratio (RRR) value 214, despite using a reactor-grade Nb cathode source whose RRR was only 30. The measurements suggest that the film’s density of impurities and structural defects are lower when compared to Nb films produced by other techniques, such as magnetron sputtering, e-beam evaporation selleck products or molecular-beam-epitaxy. At lower substrate temperature, textured polycrystalline Nb thin films were created, and the films might have twin symmetry grains with 110 orientations in-plane. The texture was revealed by x-ray diffraction pole figures. The twin symmetry might be caused by a combination effect of the Nb/Al2O3 three-dimensional epitaxial

relationship (“”3D-Registry”" S63845 purchase Claassen’s nomenclature)

and the “”Volmer-Weber”" (Island) growth model. However, pole figures obtained by electron backscattering diffraction (EBSD) found no twin symmetry on the thin films’ topmost surface (similar to 50 nm in depth). The EBSD pole figures showed only one Nb110 crystal plane orientation. A possible mechanism is suggested to explain the differences between the bulk (XRD) and surface (EBSD) pole figures. (C) 2011 American Institute of Physics. [doi:10.1063/1.3611406]“
“We evaluate the clinical results of a form of tumor selective particle radiation known as boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT) for newly-diagnosed glioblastoma (NDGB) patients, especially in combination with X-ray treatment (XRT). Between 2002 and 2006, we treated 21 patients of NDGB with BNCT utilizing sodium borocaptate and boronophenylalanine simultaneously. The first 10 were treated with only BNCT (protocol 1), and the last I I were treated with BNCT followed by XRT of 20 to 30 Gy (protocol 2) to reduce the possibility of local tumor recurrence. No chemotherapy was applied until tumor progression was observed. The patients treated with BNCT (protocol I Plus 2) showed a significant Survival prolongation compared with the institutional historical controls. BNCT also showed favorable results in Correspondence with the RTOG- and EORTC-RPA Subclasses. The median Survival time (MST) was 15.6 months for protocols I and 2 together.

The most commonly neglected diagnoses were eczematous dermatitis,

The most commonly neglected diagnoses were eczematous dermatitis, psoriasis, lichen planus, and granuloma annulare. We conclude that the differential diagnosis submitted with pathology specimens for inflammatory skin

disease includes the final diagnosis in a majority of cases. The first listed diagnosis has the highest positive predictive value. Submitting longer differential diagnosis lists did not improve diagnostic accuracy.”
“Purpose: Metformin is the most commonly prescribed anti-diabetic medication. However, it is often used despite the presence of contraindications and in unlicensed indications. The main aim of this study was to evaluate the frequency of metformin use before hospitalization in spite of contraindications in patients

with buy Adavosertib type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) and to evaluate the prevalence of metformin Combretastatin A4 cell line -associated side effects.

Material/Methods: 558 hospitalized patients (mean age = 66.65 +/- 12.73 years) with poorly controlled T2DM were enrolled. Detailed medical history including the duration of T2DM, duration of hypoglycemic agents usage prior to hospitalization and possible metformin-associated side effects was recorded. Patients were subjected to a thorough physical examination and indispensable biochemical and diagnostic research panel was performed to establish the degree of heart failure, sufficiency of the respiratory system and kidney function.

Results: 335 out of 558 patients were treated before hospitalization with metformin alone or in combination with other hypoglycemic agents, mostly sulfonylureas. Contraindications to metformin were found in 275 patients and despite this 120 of them were using this medication in an average dose of 1793.91 +/- 701.61 mg. However, none of them reported any serious adverse effects and no significant pH changes were observed. Only three patients reported click here moderate dyspepsia.

Conclusions: The results of this study indicate a relatively good tolerability of metformin by patients with the traditional contraindications to this drug. These findings support other authors’ suggestion that indications and contraindications to metformin

should be re-evaluated.”
“Diffuse large cell B-cell lymphoma of the skin is most commonly represented by diffuse large cell variants of primary cutaneous follicle center cell lymphoma and the leg-type lymphoma. In a minority of cases, the infiltrates are an expression of stage 4 disease of established extracutaneous B-cell lymphoma. We describe 3 patients with an aggressive form of B-cell lymphoma secondarily involving the skin. Two of the patients were in the ninth decade of life, whereas 1 patient was 34 years of age. In the elderly patients, there was an antecedent and/or concurrent history of follicular lymphoma, whereas in the younger patient, the tumor was a de novo presentation of this aggressive form of lymphoma.

8Ge0 2 heterostructure over a wide temperature range The power l

8Ge0.2 heterostructure over a wide temperature range. The power loss of 2DHG due to acoustic phonons via deformation potential coupling and Pekar mechanism is calculated taking account of temperature dependent screening. The hole-acoustic phonon coupling is found to dominate hole power loss for T-c < 70 K. The experimental power loss data for T-c < 2 K is accounted for by Pekar mechanism and the data for 2 K < T-c

< 4.2 K is explained by the total contribution of these two mechanisms. Pekar mechanism is found to be important in these systems at very low T-c. Power loss calculation due to nonpolar optical phonons is carried out taking account of hot phonon effect and it is important ICG-001 clinical trial and dominant for T-c > 70 K. Hot phonon effect is found to reduce the power loss of 2DHG by a factor of about 1.5. The power loss calculations are carried out for different carrier concentrations and compared with those in GaAlAs/GaAs heterostructures. (C) 2010 American Institute of Physics. [doi :10.1063/1.3452351]“
“The present article discusses the synthesis and various properties of segmented block copolymers with random copolymer segments of poly(ethylene oxide) and poly(propylene oxide) (PEO-r-PPO) together with monodisperse amide segments. The PEO-r-PPO contained 25 wt % PPO units and the segment presented a molecular weight of 2500 g/mol. The synthesized copolymers were analyzed

by differential scanning calorimetry, Fourier transform infra-red spectroscopy, atomic MS 275 force microscopy and dynamic mechanical thermal analysis. In addition, the hydrophilicity and the contact angles (CAs) were studied. The PEO-r-PPO segments Crenolanib supplier displayed a single low glass transition temperature, as well as a low PEO crystallinity and melting temperature, which gave enhanced low-temperature properties of the copolymer. The water absorption

values remained high. In comparison to mixtures of PEO/PPO segments, the random dispersion of PPO units in the PEO segments was more effective in reducing the PEO crystallinity and melting temperature, without affecting the hydrophilicity. Increasing the polyether segment length with terephthalic groups from 2500 to 10,000 g/mol increased the hydrophilicity and the room temperature elasticity. Furthermore, the CAs were found to be low 2239 and changed with the crosslink density. (C) 2010 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. J Appl Polym Sci 117: 1394-1404, 2010″
“Objectives. The aim was to evaluate the shelf life and the dissolving and antibacterial properties of a neutralized 2.5% NaOCl solution.

Study design. The loss of available chlorine and the pH of the neutralized 2.5% NaOCl solution were recorded to determine its shelf life. The dissolving action on bovine dental pulp was assessed measuring weight loss, pH variation, and decrease in available chlorine content.

Growing clinical evidence shows that the expected natural history

Growing clinical evidence shows that the expected natural history of long-term diabetic complications can be significantly modified by successful pancreas transplantation.”
“A number of studies have shown that proinflammatory cytokines have important roles in determining the development of microvascular diabetic complications, including nephropathy. Inflammatory biomarkers should

be useful for diagnosis or monitoring of diabetic nephropathy. Mindin (spondin 2) is a member of the mindin -/F-spondin family of secreted extracellular this website matrix (ECM) proteins. Recent studies showed that mindin is essential for initiation of innate immune response and represents a unique pattern-recognition molecule in the ECM. Previously, we demonstrated that the CHIR-99021 research buy levels of urinary mindin in patients with type 2 diabetes were higher than those in healthy individuals. We propose that urinary mindin is a potent biomarker for the development of diabetic nephropathy.”
“Exciton fine structures were observed in partially polarized optical reflectance and cathodoluminescence (CL) spectra of AlN epilayers grown by low-pressure metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy on (0001) Al(2)O(3) substrates. A few free and four bound exciton lines

were clearly resolved in the low-temperature CL spectra of the lowest threading dislocation density (similar to 1×10(8) cm(-2)) AlN film. From the energy difference

between the ground-state and the first excited states, the hydrogenic A-exciton binding energy in the present compressively strained (Delta a/a approximate to-1.68%) AlN was estimated to be approximately 51 meV.”
“For homogeneous liquid processes, mixing at molecular scale may influence selectivity, yield and quality of final products. In a membrane-dispersion reactor, microporous membranes are employed as dispersion media for controlled feeding of one solution into another one to intensify micromixing. The reactor has been widely AG-881 price used in the preparation of nanoparticles, preparation of nanocapsules and liposomes, synthesis of polymers, parallel and consecutive reactions to improve nanoparticles quality, molecular weight distribution of polymer, or selectivity of complex reactions. This paper reviewed the progress of the membrane-dispersion reactor in homogeneous liquid processing including features, applications, advantages and limits. (c) 2012 Society of Chemical Industry.”
“To evaluate proteins associated with the development of diabetic nephropathy, a major cause of the end-stage renal disease, we analyzed protein expression in isolated glomeruli from spontaneous type 2 diabetic (OLETF) rats and their age-matched control littermates (LETO) in the early and proteinuric stages of diabetic nephropathy using QSTAR Elite LC-MS/MS.